The Rider Side of Life

Mari-Lu Blignaut Magna wave Therapist

“I magna wave horses at ECO and also have lessons with Sarah .I can spend hours there with all the horses and lovely down to earth people.Sarah , Phione , Barry and all the grooms , all love their jobs and it can be seen with how they treat the aniamls and people that are there.I love riding at ECO and look forward to my rides every week .”

Zara Milton owner of Big Red Daughter of Sarah Milton

“My journey as a horse rider began when i was in my mums stomach.No matter what she still rode (safely don’t worry ).From the age of 5 I have been riding with my mum as my instructor.There were days were I felt like giving up but I didn’t thanks to her.It started with my first ever pony Josh who taught me it is possible to sit any buck. Dine Louben Caroline who taught me confidence is they key.Spotty who taught me winning isnt everything. Waca Runner who taught me energy is needed.Far Dancer who taught me how to soar. Dom Pedro who taught me school ponies have attitude.Source Code who taught ,e training takes patience and so many more horses along the way from the school ponies to riding horses for friends.Then finally Big Red who taught me there’s always room to love a grumpy horse.I have been so lucky all my life to have a mum who has always supported my riding and my choices in life , but just not as my mum but as my instructor.She pushed me to do my best and never gave up on me even when there were days when I wanted to.
Through all the horses over the past 20 years she supported me. To think I was that little kid who started with pony rides at 5 years old. Who then moved on the age of 12 years doing grade Equitation. The age of 13 who rode for Western Cape. To the age of 20 who trained horses for the yard.
I am so grateful to my mum and her yard Equestrian Centre Overstrand for allowing me to find my wings and soar. I miss you everyday mummy .Thank you for looking after my Big Red while I’m discovering my own journey.”

Simone Roux Half Leasing Lucky Lucy

“Love riding at ECO. Fun , big family. My two favorite horsies to ride is and was Pasha and Lucy. They both taught me sooo much and so happy to be able to take them to shows and bond with them. I do Show Jumping , dressage , working riding , performance riding , equitation and handy hunter at Sanesa.”

Nina Visser Rider and Volunteer

“I started riding horses at age 9. I can still remember my very first lesson at this amazing yard like it was just yesterday (I even remember my outfit) .
Sarah has been my instructor since day one and I am very privileged to still have her as the BEST INSTRUCTOR EVER ! After doing years of lessons I started volunteering and OMW that was the best decision I have ever made IN MY LIFE ! In the period of time I have been volunteering I learned so much about horses , how to handle the, and much more , thanks to Sarah! To be honest , at the beginning I was terrified of falling off and just being around the horses because I always thought that something would happen .Little did I know that I would grow up to become a better rider and I am no longer afraid to work with the horses!ALL THANKS TO SARAH! I ride multiple horses but my favorites are Timothy , Duimpie ,Kiss , Lucy and Shakey. Whenever I ride Sarah always pushes me to the best of my ability and I am so grateful for that ! Now I ride horses with confidence that only Sarah could give me !
I do Maremanna shows and would love to do SANESA one day as well !

I am 17 now and I couldn’t be happier! When I am at the farm I am surrounded with the people I love ! My second family! My home away from home .”

Emily and Sevi (Lucy Barlow)

“At ECO …., my kids learn how to ride and look after a horse. Much consideration is given to safety and the correct terminology and riding progression. Very importantly they learn how to stop a horse. Their team have a great “way” with the kids….my kids love it. The instructors are committed and very patient. I enjoy the experience dropping them off and feeding carrots to the horses afterwards. “

Magdel Kruger Owner of Evita

“Evita , my girl ….. what a journey we’re having. Forming a partnership, building trust. We faced a lot , came through tough times. Now here at ECO you came to join me on retirement. We love the fields , the company of others ,being part of the herd. I cherish every ride. I am your eyes , you are my wings .I am your voice , you are my spirit. I love you my girl.”

Ashleigh Scheepers Owner of Killie Cracker

“Where to even start… when we first moved to Cape Town in 2013 it was a pretty low time in my life I felt lost and down just didn’t know how to move forward… Then about a year later my uncle paid for lessons for my brother and I and honestly I haven;t looked back since … Some of the most amazing memories I have in life are because of the farm and the awesome people on it…. Starting from the fun camps every holiday and the saturdays volunteering to eventually doing shows…. I am so grateful to everyone who has been apart of my journey… It feels like just yesterday where we went on a outride and had our first canter with Uncle Barry …. I remember being so excited when we got back and we couldn’t stop talking about it…. And now thanks to Aunty Sarah and my amazing mother I have managed to do 3 years of SANESA starting from 70cm going all the way up to 1m … The farm has truly been a blessing in my life cause if it weren’t for the lessons and riding I never would have been giving the greatest gift of life… My heart and soul (Killie) this horse has honestly changed my life and I couldn’t imagine my life without him…We’ve come so far together and I’ve never felt this much trust, respect and love for any soul….I hope to continue showing and growing as a rider and having fun at this amazing farm… These people are my family and I look forward to our future together.”

Kayla Freyer

“I started riding horses at age 4 and immediately fell in love with it.(Seriously, I wouldn’t get off. ) When we moved to Kleinmond I started going to ECO for my riding lessons and it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me . The people here are amazing and I can positively say that we have the best instructors as well as the best horsies. Had to take a break from riding for a few years unfortunately but started riding again this year. Feels amazing to ride again and I hope to grow as a rider here at ECO. “

Tyler (Lauren – T.D Photography)

“Well where do I start.My son rides at ECO since 2019 and wow what a change I’ve seen in him since he started riding horses…His favorite horse is sweet Prins and of course Teddy…He is not the easiest human as Sarah and Phione have seen but when he is there he is a different person..I also do some photography on the farm and there is always happy faces and friendly horses….And thank you Phione for being an amazing instructor for Tyler.”


“I have never been a competitive rider but the therapeutic value of horse riding has been evident to me for many years.Whether you need emotional healing, physical rehabilitation or just an avenue of escapism, there is no better place to find it than with horses.
To me there is immense value in spending time working so closely and as a unit with these beautiful animals.
I have been very privileged that Sarah and Phione as instructors have taken time and had he patience to go back to working on the basics with me to get rid of years’ worth of bad riding habits and maybe there will be a bit of dressage work in the future.I can honestly say I have never received such valuable input and attention to detail from instructors.I’m currently riding Alcalde and what a patient gentleman and sweetheart he has been.”

Tyla (Rejeane)

“Tyla has been at ECO riding school for over a year now. It has been he most wonderful experience. I has been a magnificent confidence boost and infact everytime she is on a horse her face just lights up. Her instructor Phione , is so patient and kind. We feel really lucky and blessed to be part of this school. Thank you Sarah and team .”


“Chloe , my ten year old daughter , and I started riding at ECO last year. We began taking lessons and doing outrides together. I was amazed and at first a little embarrassed at how easily she progressed , relative to me. Continuing to take lessons I observed the great pride and confidence that doing something better then her dad gave her. I watched in further amazement as she rode , jumped , fell and kept getting up . We still take lessons together and I am still following . I can imagine no greater place to be . Thanks ECO.”